Toronto, Ontario- On January 10th, 2017, energyX Solutions Inc. (“energyX”) is pleased to announce it has executed a licensing agreement with Summerhill Group (“Summerhill”) to provide My EnergyXpert, autonomous energy scans, to utilities across North America.

“Summerhill is excited to partner with energyX to leverage My EnergyXpert as a platform for our comprehensive residential and commercial auditing needs. Its robust features and flexibility will allow us to better serve our utility clients and their customers with highly accurate and easy to understand audit results,” said Tony Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing at Summerhill.  Mr. Reynolds expanded on the decision to license My EnergyXpert, saying that “the energy efficiency industry is replete with proprietary and custom tools that perform a myriad of analytical functions to calculate energy savings. However, until now, the industry has not offered a tool that has the flexibility and power of My EnergyXpert for use by consumers and businesses alike.”

Summerhill is a leader in program implementation and customer engagement throughout North America. Summerhill works through utilities to maximize energy efficiency and conservation with utility customers.

“Summerhill Group is a great channel partner because they bring in numerous utility partners with access to millions of end customers, and they are directly involved in ensuring the success of achieving tremendous conservation with customers,” commented Nishaant Sangaavi, CEO of energyX. “We are pleased that Summerhill views My EnergyXpert as a unique value add to help their business.”

About Summerhill Group

Summerhill is a leading Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship services company specializing in consumer engagement. Since 2000, Summerhill has worked with industry, business, government, associations and NGOs to deliver meaningful consumer engagement programs for their customers in an effort to make significant positive environmental and business impact and affect consumer behavior change. As a knowledge and engagement leader for our clients, Summerhill provides unparalleled program management, key insights, and subject matter expertise in the areas of Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship.

About energyX Solutions Inc.

energyX Solutions Inc. (“energyX”), an MIT CoLab Awards winner, is an energy management and technology company. energyX provides channel partners (utilities, energy retailers, energy service providers) with tools to lower the energy consumption of residential and commercial customers through a low-cost autonomous energy audit tool- My EnergyXpert. Our unique online digital energy scan provides home and business owners and tenants with immediate results at a fraction of the cost of conventional engineering audits.

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Nishaant Sangaavi