Our low cost solutions engage your customers

energyX specializes in bringing innovative digital products to energy suppliers, advisors, and educational institutions in the form of Software as a Service enterprise solutions.  Our MIT award-winning software MyEnergyXpert empowers our clients with:

Lead generation and on-boarding

MyEnergyXpert incorporates a wide variety of energy management services into our predictive models.  Building service providers benefit from enhanced up-selling and building data services while keeping in contact with their customer’s changing needs.

Customer stickiness

MyEnergyXpert offers customer engagement, stickiness, and retention to energy retailers.  We reduce customer churn by addressing customer’s concerns over rising energy costs.

Business intelligence and data analytics

We provide accurate affordable energy advice to end-consumers, and business intelligence to our clients.   This is possible because of the unique combination of quantitative and qualitative data collected by MyEnergyXpert.

Fulfillment and retrofit services

MyEnergyXpert streamlines small building retrofits resulting in true energy savings. Our relationships with installation contractors and suppliers allow us to manage the entire fulfillment cycle.

Extensive training and support

We provide more than a Software as a Service solution.  Our services include in-depth training and support programs for our clients such as:


  • Sales and customer care
  • Marketing and customer outreach
  • Program design and deployment


  • On-going software maintenance and upgrades
  • Server management and hosting
  • Technical support via email, chat, and phone

What are our clients and partners saying?
“We view energyX Solutions as a strategic partner that provides value-added services to our current and future customers. One of our company goals is to contribute towards making buildings more energy efficient, which helps property owners, property managers, and residents use less energy and save money in the process.  MyEnergyXpert lets anyone see exactly where their energy is going, and it’s not just the building envelope. The tool profiles the entire building so even little changes that lead to big differences can be made.  Once someone really sees where their energy is going, and just how much money can be saved, it empowers the building owner or resident to take action.”

Matt Mulligan
GNI is the largest insulation company in Ontario, and employs more than 230 people, boasting 37 years of diverse residential and large-scale commercial
“The energy efficiency industry is replete with proprietary and custom tools that perform a myriad of analytical functions to calculate energy savings. However, until now, the industry has not offered a tool that has the flexibility and power of MyEnergyXpert for use by consumers and businesses alike. As a cloud-based app, MyEnergyXpert is truly unique and has the ability to transform vast portions of the market, as the specter of climate change forces more people to seek understanding and solutions to their own energy usage. With this one, easy-to-use tool, people can begin to make sense of the complex topic of energy usage and how best to conserve energy.”

Tony Reynolds
VP of Sales and Marketing
Summerhill is a leading Energy Efficiency Services Company that specializes in consumer engagement.
“Everything starts with the initial assessment. By using MyEnergyXpert, Efficiency Capital Corp is able to offer building owners an affordable way to identify and assess the available opportunities to improve building performance. We’re very excited to be working with energyX on this vision”.

Matt Zipchen
Efficiency Capital Corp. is an energy savings finance company that is part of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.  Efficiency Capital offers building owners an innovative form of performance contracting to upgrade assets and infrastructure with no upfront cost.

Here are a few more of the energy efficiency and conservation focused organizations that we are proud to work with: