Introducing: MyEnergyXpert

an MIT award-winning energy audit and monitoring app empowering your customers to save time, money and lower their energy footprint

Energy analysis enabled by the cloud

We have developed an online, fully automated and intelligent digital energy scan called MyEnergyXpert.  MyEnergyXpert is designed to provide homes and small medium businesses with actionable results in less than 15 minutes.  MyEnergyXpert is simple enough for anyone to complete unassisted, and provides detailed results that are as accurate as engineering scans costing ten times as much.  On average, our scan identifies improvements capable of saving 25% of current energy consumption for the consumer; with an average of 70% of recommendations resulting in actual building retrofits.

Data at the point of action

MyEnergyXpert is unique as it combines technical quantitative data with simple qualitative inputs.  Our platform is fully customizable and can be white labelled by our clients as a Software as a Service enterprise solution. More importantly, we empower people to take action and have full control over their energy usage by implementing all of the retrofits directly with our fulfillment partners.

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