Toronto, Ontario – On October 3rd, 2016, energyX Solutions Inc. (“energyX”) is pleased to announce it has executed a licensing agreement with MyHEAT to provide My EnergyXpert, autonomous energy scans, to single family dwellings in several municipalities in Alberta, Canada.

Through large-scale data processing that establishes where energy is escaping from building roof tops, the MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss. With the use of My EnergyXpert, residential customers will be able to identify measures to reduce energy costs or impact on environment.

“The bundling of MyHEAT with My EnergyXpert is a great one-two punch to engage customers and empower them to take action by delivering a low-cost detailed energy scan of recommendations,” commented Nishaant Sangaavi, CEO. “We look forward to demonstrating an impressive conversion rate of opportunities with downstream procurements.”

MyHEAT will be offering FREE energy scans to single family dwelling occupants in: Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Edmonton and Sherwood Park, with a potential of over 500,000 scans. The program rollout is to be phased-in commencing by mid-October 2016.

Both companies, in separate years, have won MIT Colab Challenge awards for their technologies.

“These new technologies are a prime example of Canadian leadership and innovation that will help increase energy literacy, and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases,” said Jeff Taylor, MyHEAT’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Big data programs like this, give building owners access to previously unavailable information that enables them to make decisions and take actions that will save them money.”



About MyHEAT

MyHEAT Inc. (“MyHEAT) makes urban energy efficiency a reality for individuals, businesses and organizations. Our award-winning technology uses large-scale data processing that visually identifies where energy is escaping from buildings. The MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss, increase efficiency, reduce consumption and save money. Our goal is to empower a worldwide reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building at a time. We have a passion for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a commitment to innovation. See the MyHEAT platform in action at

Jeff Taylor
Co-Founder, CEO
(403) 589-3835


About energyX Solutions Inc.

energyX Solutions Inc. (“energyX”), an MIT CoLab Awards winner, is an energy management and technology company. energyX provides channel partners (utilities, energy retailers, energy service providers) with tools to lower the energy consumption of residential and commercial customers through a low-cost autonomous energy audit tool- My EnergyXpert. Our unique online digital energy scan provides home and business owners and tenants with immediate results at a fraction of the cost of conventional engineering audits.

Nishaant Sangaavi
Co-Founder, CEO
energyX Solutions Inc.